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ORIGYN's origin is from Orthopedics & Gynaecology (OR, GYN) specialities that were the first specialities to be started in n this group. ORIGYN is a unique health care provider where patient is the no 1 focus. Everything that we do is centred around our patients who form the heart and soul of the organistaion. We beleieve in evidence based medicine and in using the proven, up to date techniques and technology in our patient care.


Our doctors are a blend of youth and experience and are dedicated to their profession. They are well trained in their respective field and have the drive to ensure that their patient recieve the best possible treatment.Our principal practitioners: Dr Vaibhav Bagaria - Joint Replacement & Sports Injury specialist and Dr Shalini Jain Bagaria - Gynaecologist & Obstetrician have been trained at various centres of excellence across the globe and have extensive experience and competency in their respective fields. 

Origyn clinic is located in Indrapuram, Ghaziabad - a convinent location that can be accessed by people from all parts of NCR - Delhi including Ghaziabad and NOIDA. It is within 15 minute reach from most locations of Vaishali, Vasundhra and Indrapuram. For more details about Indrapuram and how to reach us or to book an appointment, please visit the service section of the website.

Our online venture like all the web based endevaours is a borderless thing and people from all across the globe can benefit from our unique E consultation program. To get healthcare literally at your finger tips visit our E consultation section. There is also a vast patient resource on our patient information page and do visit the page if you like to be well informed about your condition.


ORIGYN also believes in innovation and research and we encourage all the members of our team to engage in ethical research be it in terms of developing newer surgical techniques or using the latest app and Information technology for betterment of health and well being.


Our promise to you is that we will go the extra mile to put smile back on your face. :-)